Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

It was rainy yesterday, but we had a great Halloween anyway.  How could a family with four little boys NOT have fun on Halloween?  It's one of our favorite holidays and Chris was so very glad that it fell on a Thursday this year, because he has Thursdays off. 
They had Messy Art Club at the library at 3:30pm and I thought that would be a fun start to our evening.  The kids got to make Monster Boxes out of tissue boxes.  They had a lot of fun with the CRAZY amount of craft supplies available.  Once again, I resigned myself to take them to a lot more of these free library programs that are available to us.  I love that I don't have to buy any supplies OR clean up the inevitable messes!
William wanted to be a zombie so Chris fixed him up with face paint and green hair.
In addition to the Monster Box craft, they had face painting.  Luke got a spider on his cheek.


Owen opted for a handlebar moustache.

After we were done at the library, we splurged on a fancy dinner at Culvers.  The boys were thrilled to have their own table - and Chris and I were pretty happy to have our own, too. 

Then we got down to business.  We usually go trick-or-treating in town, where the houses are more closely spaced.  I asked Owen's friend, Jonah, if he would like us to join him.  (This is a friend Owen had from his public school days and we still see him weekly because I drive him to AWANA class with us)  Jonah was thrilled to have some friends to go with, since he normally just goes alone with a parent.  The three of them ran off together, with Jonah's stepdad keeping an eye on them from a distance.  That meant Chris and I got to take just William and Luke and not worry about yelling at the older boys to hang back.  A win for all of us!
We sure did enjoy going at a slower pace with these two...

The rain started to pick up about an hour into trick-or-treating, but by then Luke and I were back at Jonah's mom's house enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. Chris and William joined us later (William wanted to go an extra block, but Luke was done after about 8 houses) and we waited for the older boys.  They came in soaked but happy at about 6:30pm.  It was a wonderful Halloween for all of us!

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