Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sweet William

When I wake up in the morning, he greets me with "Would you like a back massage?" and then proceeds to give me one with those sweet little still-dimpled hands.  Oh, how I love this little boy!
I can't believe he will be six years old in just a few weeks!  He's gotten so smart and prides himself in doing his school work all by himself.  I got him the BrainQuest workbook for Grade 1 and he's ripping right through it - doesn't even need me to read the directions to him! 
He's also excelling in his AWANA class.  He's a Spark now, after two years in Cubbies, and is taking it VERY seriously.  He loves learning his Bible verses and tells everyone that when he grows up he wants to "teach people about God."
Because he's the third boy, he is constantly clamoring for people's attention and he's learned how to get it.  Last night we were at a Halloween party and he kept randomly hugging all the grown women that were standing around talking.  Their hearts melted (and so did mine!) and they all thought he was the sweetest thing they've ever seen.  I agree!

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