Monday, October 7, 2013


We've finally come to the point where we are having to buy clothes for our boys.  It's been so wonderful for the past ten years that we've been gifted almost all the clothes needed for the four of them.  I think the only thing we've had to consistently purchase ourselves has been boots and shoes.  Family members and friends (even a blog friend!) have generously shopped garage sales and/or given us lots of hand-me-downs.  We've been so fortunate!
When I do buy clothes for the boys now, I am focused on two things:  quality and timelessness.  It's much easier to avoid fashion trends with boys than I imagine it would be with girls.  I want whatever I buy to look just as good on Luke as it did on Owen, and I don't mind spending a little extra to make sure whatever I buy makes it down the line through all four of them.  That's why I recently purchased a few pair of these pants from Lands End:

We LOVE them!  They had them available in slim, which is what all the boys wear, and
I got them on sale.  Of course with the shipment, Lands End sent me a few catalogs to drool over. 
Here are a few items on  my wishlist:

Wouldn't these coats look great on Owen and Sammy?  I love them both and these matching gloves look like they'd really hold up in the snow.

I definitely need to invest in a few more church-appropriate shirts.  I like this one in purple,
a color we don't have much of.  I don't care for the button-down shirts that need to be ironed. 
 Ain't nobody got time for THAT!

I love this hoodie - it looks so warm and cozy!

 I pick out a lot of orange, don't I?  I like Sammy in orange - always have.  I love plain t-shirts, whether long or short sleeved.  They go with everything and will always be in style.

My all-time favorite, though, is the turtleneck.  I wish they had print options for the older boys, because I love the print ones I have for Luke.  I had a TON of turtlenecks for the boys when they were really little (ages 3 and under) but they've grown out of all but a couple now.  I might have to invest in a few of these larger ones soon for the older boys.

Thankfully, Chris and I are on the same page about trying to get the boys mostly "practical"
 gifts for Christmas this year.  Most of the time, he is Mr. Toy. But after the last couple years
of going nuts because they are so destructive with their toys, Chris has decided just one or two toys
and the rest of the gifts should be things they actually need.  Hallelujah!

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