Monday, October 14, 2013


I had to spell "geocaching" repeatedly for Owen and Sammy, because they kept thinking there would be actual "cash" in it for them.  Not quite, but we decided to give it a try anyway.  Lots of people have told me how much fun they've had with it and my friend, Jessica, said she'd show us how it's done.  The "cache" she found was in Lake Geneva at the Four Season Nature Preserve, a park I never knew existed.  We went on Friday morning and there wasn't  soul around.
I considered not bringing Scrabble but he was SO excited as we were getting into the van, I relented.  I was so glad I did when I saw this large dog exercise area.  He was in HEAVEN!

Jessica brought her 9 year old son, Alex, and he was also glad I brought Scrabble. 
(Did I mention Jessica is a former bride who is now my friend?  I think that's so great!)

Being a native Wisconsinite, Jessica educated us on some of the plant life.  I was fascinated by milkweed, which I had never seen before.  Owen said it felt like cat fur.

Sammy got the "milk" on his hands when he went to open one and got pretty grossed out.

We finally got around to searching for the cache, which was supposed to be near an oak tree.  We** plunged into the brush, searching high and low for the green tin that supposedly held the treasure.
(**By "we", I mean the people in front of the camera)

As it turns out, we never did find it but we had a great time anyway.  Afterwards, we went to a greasy spoon in Lake Geneva and I had a delicious BLT.  Yum!
I told the kids I need to set up a cache inside our neighborhood so they can get the hang of it and then we'll try again out in the "real" geocaching world.

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