Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Block Party

The name says it all:  we went to a block party today and all the kids had a BLAST!  Yet another great FREE program offered through our city.  There were several different types of blocks to play with and the kids played differently with each kind.

William was at the perfect age, I think, but most kids his age are in school and unable to go to stuff like this.  Most of the kids there were toddlers who (much to my boys' dismay) just walked around knocking down all the creations.  The three older boys handled this beautifully, always saying to the young child, "It's ok."  Luke, however, put his angry eyebrows on and yelled "HEY!  I was building that!"  Then I ended up being the one who was apologizing. 

These blocks are called Keva blocks.  I've heard of them before - a bunch of blogs I read recommend them, but they are expensive.  The leader at this activity told me she can "check them out" to families for a couple weeks at no charge.  Score!  I just might have to do that this winter!

We were sent home with a pamphlet detailing all the many skills kids can learn from playing with blocks.  I guess I shouldn't complain so much about tripping all over Legos, huh?

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