Tuesday, October 1, 2013

If only I had time...

It's crazy how much busier I've become in the last few weeks.  Yes, I had more weddings in the summer, but my job is NOTHING compared to trying to keep up with schooling the boys and running them here and there.  In fact, my job is like a VACATION!  I flipped the calendar today and started writing down all the things we have going on - it's nuts!

I had a bit of that vacation this past Sunday, when I worked a bridal show.  I talked to so many brides and I expect to hear from at least four or five of them in the next few weeks.  So many brides don't think they need a wedding coordinator, but once they started talking to me they realize what it would mean to them to have basically a personal valet for the day.  I still have two more weddings in 2013 but with the bookings for 2014 rolling in, I am going to be kept pretty busy in the upcoming off-season.

I feel badly that I haven't been able to do much reading lately.  At the end of the summer, I was on a kick and tore through three books in about two weeks.  As a follow up to the AMAZING "Half Broke Horses" book, my friend recommended this one:

I've had it for about a month and it's soooo good.  But by the time I crawl into bed at 10pm and pick it up, I'm totally wiped out and can only read for 10-15 minutes.  I need to get back into reading more regularly (getting to bed earlier?) because I really do enjoy it.  Reading settles my soul, I think.

Another thing that would settle my soul is a vacation - a REAL one.  Chris and I have mentally committed to taking one sometime in the spring.  We've also agreed on a general location:  Tennessee.  I'm pretty obsessed with this cabin:

Isn't it beautiful???  Click on the link above and you can see all the pictures of the inside and outside.  I just know Scrabble will love it!  It's about an hour from a cousin of mine who I haven't seen in YEARS and she has two boys about the same ages as Owen and Sammy, so we'd get to meet them and have them over to our cabin to play.  Now we have to figure out dates and schedule around it.  It's so nice to not have to worry about the boys' school schedule when planning this sort of thing because just figuring out when both Chris and I can get away is hassle enough!  It's also nice to be able to go somewhere when there aren't swarms of tourists around.  We prefer to have peace and quiet (or just our own noise anyway) when we're on vacation.

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