Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Our Favorite Place

I just love our little library.  We go at least once a week just to pick up books but then they also have a lot of great (free!) programs for kids and families that we take advantage of.  Of course I use a lot of books for our schooling, but my boys read a lot just for enjoyment. 

Luke is starting to understand words and how they work.  For instance, I will show him a picture and he will either call it "bear" or "teddy bear" based on the words that are underneath it.   It's a very important first step, but for now he still has other people read to him.  I love it when William does.

Isn't our library so cute?  It's not the most modern or grand library in the world, but the staff there makes up for it.  They are so wonderful!

And of course I never take the kids without picking up a little something for myself.  I'll finish "These Is My Words" this week so I grabbed this one to start on next. 

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