Saturday, October 26, 2013

Family Pictures 2013

It pays to have photographer friends, especially ones who will take pictures for pizza!  I had my friend and Something Blue associate, Elyse, and her lovely little family over for dinner this week in exchange for her taking our family portraits.  We haven't had family pictures done since our 10 year anniversary/vow renewal in 2011 and we ended up going back to the same park.  It's so beautiful there and the day was perfect - 50 degrees and sunny.  Here are a few:
Chris and his boys.  He couldn't be more proud!

Owen, age 10

Sammy, age 8 (supermodel material, isn't he?)

William, age 5

Luke, age 4

The boys held up pretty well, but after about an hour they were anxious to wrap it up.  Elyse is also a professional nanny and did a GREAT job of wrangling all of them.  They've gotten used to being allowed a couple of silly pictures and this one turned out to be one of my favorites of the day.  It pretty much sums up our life with four boys, doesn't it?

We also got a couple of Chris and I.  I think I look so old here, but I know in five or ten years I'll be thinking how great I looked.  Might as well snap a few photos of me at 41 while I still can.  Meanwhile, Chris is totally photogenic and makes 41 look really good.  It's really unfair!

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