Monday, November 18, 2013

Wild Weather

We all laid around sick yesterday and watched the weather reports.  There were a couple tornado warnings close to here, but we mostly got rain during the day.  Our neighbors in Illinois weren't so lucky and our prayers are with them today.
I was surprised to wake up this morning to a tree laying in our neighbor's driveway.  It must have happened overnight.
These neighbors are out of town, so I texted them a picture first thing this morning and of course they called for more info.  It came REALLY close to the house and it seems there's some minor damage to the gutter, but thankfully that's it.

We are all on the mend now, except for Owen who is running a fever and just laying around.  School is on-hold for today and I'm trying to get a few things done around here, like organizing my office and catching up on some work-related emails.  And, of course, blogging.  :)

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