Thursday, April 16, 2009

Busy weekend coming up!

We've got almost everything done on the kitchen project. We'll put on the last coat of red paint tonight (hoping it will be the last one we need anyway!) and then cover and mount the new cornice boards. I can't wait to take the pictures! I have to work on Saturday and that leaves just Sunday with my mom. I'm hoping we get everything done by then so we can just relax and enjoy our last day together. I also have to borrow the ladder from our neighbor so I can get the tape down from the ceiling in the living room so that we can truly enjoy our work in there without staring at all the ugly tape.

My sweet William is sick. Poor little guy! Raging fever and lots of congestion in his lungs. When he gets sick, he's so pathetic! We have some medicine for him and hope he will get better soon.

I've got the movie "The Painted Veil" to watch tonight once we get our work done. I'll have to let everyone know how we liked it. So far during my mom's visit we have watched "Changeling" (good movie, but had no idea it was a HORROR FLICK!) and "Charlie Wilson's War" which we ALL (even Chris!) really liked! This is more movies than I've seen in 6 months! Woo hoo!


Michele Renee said...

Just wanted to say hello. I have 3sons too and they are much older than yours: 12, 11 and 8. I work full time too. Things get easier in many ways as they get older but like everyone told me when I had toddlers--it goes by fast! I'll be back!

Surrounded By Boys said...

Oh my gosh! My first follower (other than my mom)! So exciting! Thanks for checking in!

My husband and I DEFINITELY feel like we are in the trenches right now with these three, but it also scares me to think how fast these really cute times will be over so I try to savor every moment I can. My mom always says "Little kids, little problems. Big kids, big problems" and that also makes me relish the time with them at home and (somewhat) under my control.

Anyway, thanks again for your post! I find out next week if we are having another boy in September or a girl, who I will name "Finah Leigh." ha ha