Monday, April 20, 2009

Bye Mom!

Well, I dropped my mom off at the train station this morning so by sometime late this afternoon, she'll be back in Detroit. I only took a couple of pictures while she was out here (which I just now realized!) but that's because she mostly worked the whole time she was here. We did get the projects done that I wanted to and now I will just sit and wait until she sends me back the curtains and pillow covers she's going to make at home with the fabric we bought. I'm so very excited to see the finished product! Hopefully it will be in about a month or so.

Although it's nice to have company, it will also be nice to have our quiet little home back. We've gotten used to just having our little family and being on our own out here in Wisconsin. We live a pretty peaceful existence with very little drama and not a lot of outside influences. We feel really fortunate to have the life we do.

On her last day here, my mom took us out to Chili's for lunch. I am a little embarrassed to say it's my favorite restaurant, but that's mostly because we don't have a lot to choose from out here. Anyway, I had the Chicken Quesadilla Explosion salad - INCREDIBLE!!! I am STILL dreaming about it! When she put that huge salad in front of me, my first thought was that I'd never be able to eat it all, but oh my gosh, I tore right through it! If you haven't tried it, trust me - it's AWESOME!

My mom watched "The Painted Veil" last night and said it's the best movie she's ever seen. I couldn't stay up that late, but now have to watch it so she and I can compare notes. I hope to get around to that tomorrow night. Tonight I am going to bake chocolate chip cookies to thank Chris for being so good to my mom while she was here. :)

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Darby said...

Hi! You asked about my bedskirt earlier today and unfortunately I didn't buy it but had it custom made... sorry!!