Thursday, April 9, 2009

Is it Mom time yet?

I am counting the minutes till I pick up my mom at the train station - just about 4 hours to go, so that's 240 minutes, no? She is promising to let me rest and put my feet up while she's here but I don't know how I feel about her doing all the work while I just watch. Regardless, it will be so nice to have her with us. Oprah says every woman needs a wife, and that's what my mom has become to me!

I got the paint last night and am pleased with my color choices - of course they're not on the walls yet! I have always had a problem picking paint and had asked Chris to do it, but he didn't so looks like we will both have to live with what I picked. I was having a crisis the last couple days re-thinking my choice of doing red walls in the living room. I decided it would be too much, so am instead doing the red in the kitchen/dining area but only 1/2 way up on the walls. That way, it won't be so overpowering. I had a red kitchen when we lived in MI and I loved it, so it will be a nice reminder of that cute little house where we started our life together.

Work is getting crazy. It seems they are just now realizing that the economy is in turmoil and that although it ALWAYS gets busy in May, it's not going to this year. So now they are all over us to sell, sell, sell and I've begun calling all sorts of people, hoping for a lead or two. Not a lot of fun, let me tell you! I hope everything starts to pick up soon. Otherwise, I am concerned there won't be a job for me when I come back from maternity leave in November! YIKES! :(

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