Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I thought my mom coming would be relaxing, but so far it hasn't been AT ALL! She keeps me going all day and night - where on earth does she get the energy??? On Sunday night we painted the two walls in the living room and I'm very happy with the results. We were up until midnight doing it and I am so sick of being on an extension ladder, but it was worth it. I will post pictures as soon as we get everything done, but it might be a while since she has to take the material home to MI to make the pillows for the couch. Anyway, it's all coming along quite nicely.

I haven't taken too many pictures of the kids with my mom but promise to very soon and post those, as well. William just ADORES her, I think mostly because she feeds him non-stop. That's all it takes to be his buddy forever! He is the most adorable little guy EXCEPT when he's hungry. Then you'd better WATCH OUT!

Happy Easter to all! My mom will be with us another 6 days and I have to work 5 of them. Oh well - at least I get a couple hours with her at night.


Emily said...

I hung out with my mom on friday.. and we were nonstop all day!! they like to go and do stuff and keep us on our toes:) yeah for her helpinig you paint tho:)

Emily said...

ps- do you know what baby number four is?? boy or girl.