Friday, April 3, 2009

Busy Weekend

It's Friday but it sure doesn't feel like it, considering all that's going on with us this weekend....

First, I have friends coming up for dinner tomorrow night and the house is WRECKED! I was going to clean it last night, but what's the point when the kids would just be there to mess it up today anyway. So I figure I will get all the cleaning, meal prep and baths done tonight. (That seemed like a good plan last night while I was sitting on the couch, but maybe not so much when faced with the reality of having to do it ALL today!)
Tomorrow I have to work in the morning (BOO!) and I was unable to get a sitter (DOUBLE BOO!) so now I have to drag all 3 kids to work at 8am and pick up some breakfast for them on the way. I'm not entirely pleased with this arrangement, but one perk is that they won't be at home messing up the house I clean tonight. And they will have fun, too, as they never seem to get out of the house. So we'll race home at noon-ish and finish up dinner preparations.
I am so excited for my friend, Nikki, and her family to visit because her son is just 10 days younger than William and I'm hoping Jackson can show him some moves. William walks now, but not a lot. Maybe after spending time with Jackson he will realize it's the only way to get around. Funny he hasn't gotten that from watching me, Daddy, Owen and Sammy yet. Maybe he thinks Dope's the only one who'd got the right idea!
On Sunday, I serve in the church nursery at 9am and then will meet Nikki and her family for a late breakfast before they depart. No plans for Sunday night so I will put my feet up and relax before another long week - my mom arrives on Thursday.
Good news! I got word in the mail yesterday that I've been approved for the state health insurance so looks like I'll be making a dr appt soon and hopefully scheduling my ultrasound. Woo Hoo!
Have a great weekend, all!

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