Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pajama Bags

About two years ago, I had a problem. It seemed like every night when the boys went to bed, they were unable to locate the pajamas they had just worn the night before. (No, I do not get them a fresh pair every night. Our laundry pile is large enough without doing that, thank you very much!) As I have done all my life, I discussed this problem with my mom to see if she could help me out. She is always wanting me to come up with good gift ideas for the boys so I asked her to make them pajama bags for Christmas that year. I was expecting her to basically put a drawstring on a cute pillowcase. But being a lady who loves a challenge, she came up with these...Owen's is a brown, vintage-looking basketball. She claims this was the hardest one to make. She had to borrow a basketball from the little girl next door and studied it to figure out how to get the panels to "curve." I love how she put his name on it. Sammy's is next...
So cute! This is my favorite one because I love how the zipper is part of the design.

For William's soccer ball, she cut out each one of the black and white circles and stitched them together. I'm sure that took quite a bit of time! All three of those were done for Christmas 2008 and she went back and made Luke's this past year. I had suggested a baseball so that all 4 were completely different, but because she wanted them all to be true-to-size, she stuck with another basketball one for him.

My mom is INGENIOUS, isn't she? She came up with the overall design for these and was able to make them without any instructions. I pointed out to her that she could sell them, but she said it was way too much work! I was (and am) amazed by her! Love you, Mom!

On an unrelated note, Chris is working long hours this weekend but this is what he gets to come home to...

Happy Sunday Everyone!

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