Friday, April 1, 2011

Still Yawning this Morning

Good Morning! I'm up early making cinnamon bread for work. I hope these people appreciate the fact that I got up at 5:30am to bake this fresh so it will still be warm when I take it to them to devour. The rest of the house is sleeping except for this little guy: Scrabble has gotten to be my little buddy. I was walking him in the mornings, but I've given up since it's STILL only about 20 degrees in the morning - BRRR! Come on, Spring! We sure could use a few 50 degree days in a row. It seems like it will never get warm!

I found these cute pictures of the little boys on the camera and thought I'd post them. Luke is 18 months old now and full of mischief. He loves to wear hats, but insists on wearing them backwards. He's getting into all sorts of trouble these days but once he flashes those big brown eyes at us, all is instantly forgiven.His partner in crime is William. We lock Luke out of the bathroom, but William happily lets him right back in to throw various things in the toilet. It's fun. Remember when I wished they would become friends? Well it's happened and it's one of those cases of "Be careful what you wish for."

This picture makes me think it's all worth it, though. I'm so glad we had #4 so these two have each other.

My hair is wet and the cinnamon bread is ready, so gotta run. Happy Friday!

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