Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring!

Wow, what a loooooong winter it's been for us in S.E. Wisconsin! It's been so very cold this winter, maybe not as snowy as years past, but definitely colder. The kids are itching to get outside to play, especially William. He SCREAMS if he sees the outside but then you deny him access to it. It's heartbreaking, really.

I am hoping he starts walking soon because it's not like I can let him out in the yard to just crawl around, especially when it's "mud season" out here. He did take a couple of steps last night which was exciting. Was he trying to get to Mommy or Daddy? Nope, he was making his way toward the cute baby he saw reflected in the fireplace glass. He knows what he wants!

Spring cleaning will be commencing soon and that means an exorcism of many, many toys. It's so hard to wade through the mess every morning just to get to the kitchen so we are going to be confining the few toys we keep upstairs to the kids' bedroom and no more in the living room. I am excited to see what Chris does today in the way of cleaning. Woo Hoo!

Just one week until my birthday and Chris still isn't sure what he wants to do. I'm so fortunate we have free babysitting at our church that night from 5:30pm-9pm. I guess that was God's way of saying "Happy Birthday" to me. It will be interesting to have a night out with just the two of us. I think the last time we were out together alone was in October for my friend, Erin's, wedding. Wow! We are WAY overdue!

Happy Spring to Everyone!


Denise said...

I am so happy Spring is only if it felt like it!

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

I heart Spring!!