Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My little "snowman"

Here's the first image we have of Baby #4, taken last week at my appointment with the midwife. I was so happy to see only one baby, I didn't really get a chance to examine it. I sent it to my mom and she asked if it was the "two circles that look like a snowman." Yup, that's it! These things are difficult to decipher, even at the standard 20+ weeks but this baby is only 12 weeks so even tougher.
I already love this little baby more every day and really can't wait to have a family of six stuffed into our little house.
Speaking of stuffed, I am going to have to break out the maternity clothes pretty soon! What a hassle to bring them all out of the basement, wash and iron them. I guess that will be a weekend project either this weekend or next weekend for me. I swear, by Monday I always have the weekend project all lined up for myself. Does it ever end???

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