Monday, March 23, 2009

William's Competition

I volunteered at the church nursery last night while they had their annual Passover Seder dinner. This is an event my husband and I were able to enjoy last year thanks to the free childcare, so I thought it was only appropriate for me to volunteer my services this year so that another couple might be able to take part.

Of course I had to take the kids with me. Owen was sick, but Sammy and William were happy to spend a couple of hours in the playroom. Normally when I leave William in the nursery during church services, I don't even bother with a pager since he is so good and never cries. Well last night he sure did! There was a 2 year old girl in there who had evidently missed her nap and was a sobbing mess from the minute her grandma dropped her off. She was inconsolable but seemed to calm down only when sitting on my lap in the rocking chair with her blanket cuddled to her face.

Well once William spied this other baby on my lap, he threw a fit! He saw us from across the room where he had been playing happily and started BAWLING! Then the other volunteer had to pry this little girl off my lap, kicking and screaming, while I tended to my own baby. Of course this made me wonder how he's going to adjust to Baby #4's arrival in September. Truth be told, he doesn't even like it when Sammy or Owen sit on my lap but a new baby that is smaller and demands a lot more of my time? Well that might be enough to put him over the edge!

I hope he'll be past this stage in 6 months but if he's not, what the heck am I going to do? I already feel like he gets jipped on time with me because I work so much. Poor little guy!

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