Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wobbly Walker

It's finally happening - William is starting to be interested in walking and taking a few faltering steps! I know from past experience that once they start trying to walk, they keep trying and trying until they get it so now that he is finally interested, I know it will only be a couple of weeks until there's no stopping him!

As much as I've wanted him to walk because he's getting soooo heavy, I will miss my little crawler I've had for so long. He's been crawling with his tummy off the floor since October, so almost 6 months! And before that, we had about 4 months of him doing his "combat crawl" like a little inchworm. Oh, how these baby days pass so quickly! But I am excited to see him wobbling toward me with excitement one day very soon when I get home from work. What a precious time in our lives to be witnessing these changes!

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