Monday, March 30, 2009

Best Birthday

Everything happens for a reason and I had a drama-filled day at work on Thursday that ended with me lying in bed SEETHING with anger all night! At 3am, I finally decided to just call off work on Friday. No way was I going to let this place ruin my birthday - my one day a year that it is, truly, "all about me."

This was the best decision I've made in a looooong time! I rested a lot and, since it was my birthday, Chris took the kids and didn't even complain about it. We met Owen up at school for some cafeteria food at lunch and then came home to possibly the best part of any day: the nap! The whole family got to sleep for at least an hour and I woke up feeling refreshed and didn't even think about work, really, for the rest of the day!

We dropped the kids off at church for the almost-free babysitting and then went to the most DELICIOUS dinner ever! A friend at work recommended this little diner in Lake Geneva that was NOTHING to look at, but oh, the food!!! AND it was the first time in forever we were able to eat a meal without telling anyone else to eat, sit still, stop talking about poop, etc. RELAXATION! Then, to top it all off, we were able to wander through Target for about an hour before we went to pick up the kids.

Coupled with the large volume of Happy Birthday phone calls I received on Friday, I really think this turned out to be one of the best birthdays I've had in about 5 or 6years. Thanks to the BEEEYOTCH's at work for making it all possible!!!

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