Thursday, September 12, 2013

End of Week 2

We had a couple of fun projects this week that I remembered to take pictures of.  The first was and art project making these "Children of the World" paper dolls.  I'm not sure how well they turned out and the boys weren't much for decorating them, but it kept them interested and projects like these help break up the school day.

Our curriculum includes a weekly nature hike and journaling.  We went to Natureland, a part near where we live, and I sent Owen and Sammy off with their backpacks and notebooks.  We've pressed a few of the leaves we collected and are going to make them into a book.  I also spotted the leg bone of a deer (with the hoof and some fur still attached!) but I left that there in the woods.  EW!

The boys absolutely LOVED getting outside this morning and the weather was PERFECT - sunny and 70.  But of all of us, I feel confident that Scrabble enjoyed the hike the most.  He's certainly looking forward to this becoming a weekly ritual.
The last project we had this week was one the boys REALLY looked forward to:  making a world cake.  The last two weeks have been an overview of the world so this was a fun way to wrap it up.  I'll admit that I helped quite a bit but they did more than I thought they could and were pretty proud of the final result. 

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