Saturday, September 21, 2013

Luke's Birthday - Part Two

Shhhh....we went to a super-secret place for lunch yesterday.  It's hidden down an alley in downtown Milwaukee and you have to know a secret password to get in.  See the sign below?  That's the only sign outside, letting you know you're in the right place.
When we got there, we didn't know the password so we had to prove we were really spies, worthy of admission to The Safe House.  They made us make bunny ears, hop around like bunnies and even wiggle our bunny tails.  We passed the test and got in to have lunch.  (Good thing, cuz it was 1pm and the boys had basically just had jelly beans so far that morning!)  The bookcase in the small lobby dropped away and we went down a secret passage to the hostess who sat us at a table and gave us our secret mission, a list of things to find around the restaurant. 
Here's Luke showing me what he had to do to get in.  The older boys were pretty embarrassed when they found that the lobby area where we were doing the bunny dance is under surveillance, so everyone in the restaurant watched us on monitors.  It was pretty amusing to watch other patrons have to do similar things while we ate.

The boys really, really loved this place.  The food was pretty good, but it was the experience of it that really made it so worthwhile.  I even got to lock the boys in a cage!

The last "clue" on our secret mission assignment was to find the secret passage out.  We had to put a quarter in a pay phone for the password, which opened a wall and led us down a dark stairwell.  The boys almost felt like they were in a haunted house.  We're definitely going to have to go back!
Next stop was a large Halloween store at State Fair Park. 

Then we went to a mall - yes, a mall.  It may not seem that exciting but it definitely was entertaining to our country boys.  They were fascinated by this water feature...

And the interactive dance floor....

I love that their favorite store in the mall was the super-sized Barnes and Noble.  We started there and had to drag them out, then went back after exploring the rest of the mall.  They even wanted to go AGAIN after dinner!  I love my little readers!
While we were there, Chris and I thought this book was funny and showed it to Owen and Sammy:

Ten minutes later, they were both sitting on the floor with their own copies, devouring every page!  I got a TON of Christmas ideas while we were there.  There are so many great things about living in the country, but not having a book store around is NOT one of them.
After dinner at Red Robin, we called it quits and both little boys crashed almost as soon as Chris turned the key in the ignition.  It was a wonderful family day for us and Luke had a great time. 

Happy Birthday to Luke!

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