Tuesday, September 24, 2013

School Daze

It's so amazing (and scary!) to think that next week we'll be into October.  September just got here!  We're into our 4th week of school already and it's just flying by.  Last week and this week has been spent studying the United States.  With the curriculum we're using, we just touch on the basic geography of each country and some of the cultural aspects of life in the country. 
I was really encouraged this week when I gave the boys a test to see how many states they could identify.  Sammy got 44 out of 50 and Owen got 40 out of 50.  I had given them the same quiz last week and they both scored in the low 20's, so this is a major improvement in just a week.  It's so heartening to feel like they're really learning something - and from ME, no less! 
We have packed a lot into the last two days because the rest of the week is going to be a bit hectic.  We have dentist appointments tomorrow and that means 2 hours in the car, so not a lot of time before or after for school.  Thursday the boys have their weekly gym class at the park, which doesn't give me much time in the morning to do their lessons.  We still hope to be done with everything by Friday, though, because I have a little surprise planned for the two older boys (stay tuned - I will have pictures!)
We had our weekly nature walk today and I snapped a couple pictures with my phone.  The boys were VERY wimpy about the hike ("It's too hot!" "My legs are tired!" "Do we REALLY have to do this?") but Scrabble was thrilled to be off-leash and enjoyed every minute of it.

William picked me some flowers.  Isn't he sweet?
I had to work on Sunday - a bat mitzvah - so it's been hectic trying to get school ready and organized for this week.  I have to perform two ceremonies this Saturday and have a few work appointments between now and then.  Sunday is the big bridal show on the Lake Geneva boats.  I am soooo ready for the wedding season to be over so I can focus almost completely on school for the boys.  Yes, I'll still have my existing 2014 brides, but at least there won't be functions to attend on weekends.  So far, I have three weddings signed for 2014 (May 3, May 31 and July 4) and another one in the works.  With the show this weekend, I hope to get a few more by the end of 2013 but not too many.  It's really hard to keep up with everything!

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