Tuesday, September 17, 2013


We had haircut night again last week and this is the kid that I thought needed it most:
Chris had been trying to let all the kids' hair grow out a bit and Luke loved styling his.  He would wet a brush with water and brush it at least twice a day.  When I asked him what he was doing, he would say "Giving myself a haircut." 
Although I don't approve of buzz cuts on any of the other boys, that's my FAVORITE look for Luke.  Something about his perfectly round little head and big brown eyes - oh, and the expressive brows - makes him able to pull it off.  So Chris grabbed the clippers and went to it...

Here's the after shot - don't you love it???

Problem is, Luke HATES it!  Although he's all smiles in this picture, by the time he got up the next morning he was crying, saying "I don't want to look like this!"  He won't even look at himself in the mirror anymore and would barely go to church with us on Sunday.  He cried and cried, saying the kids were going to laugh at him.  He insisted on wearing his coat with the hood up through the entire preschool class.  I had to go in and tell the teacher that they should not under any circumstances mention his hair because he is EXTREMELY self conscious.
Chris is RIDDLED with guilt over the whole thing and I feel badly, too. Poor little Luke! 

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