Wednesday, September 11, 2013


It's only Wednesday and we're almost done with this week's schoolwork, which is WONDERFUL!  Chris has Thursdays and Fridays off so if we can finish all our work in just four days a week, that means we can have a family day every Friday.  WOO HOO!  A regular family day is something we've NEVER had before, so I'm really hoping to work that in just about every week.
The first two weeks of our curriculum are an introduction and we're learning a lot about maps.  Today Owen and Sammy got to draw maps of our neighborhood, which is easily defined because there is just one road into it.  They used different symbols to mark houses, barns, cornfields and trails.  They really enjoyed this assignment and did a great job.  It's so nice to see them put effort into their schoolwork.

My biggest challenge so far is keeping Luke and William occupied, especially William.  They do a little bit of schoolwork in the morning, but lose steam within an hour and then chaos erupts. 
I have a really hard time because the two of them fight and make HUGE messes
and it's hard for me to stay focused on what the other boys are doing.
I really, REALLY wish kindergarten was 1/2 day in our district because
I would have definitely sent William to it.  I continue to pray for patience to deal with him.

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