Tuesday, December 24, 2013


As I'm sure you can guess, Christmas Eve seems like an extra long day for us.  Anticipation and excitement runs high on both sides, for both the givers (us) and the gives (them).  Chris and I are so very excited to give the boys their gifts tomorrow morning but are a little worried that we may never be able to top this Christmas.  The $500 Best Buy credit we got when we bought our furniture in February is going to make this Christmas VERY memorable for the boys. 
To add to the length of the days, I've practically become a single parent.  Chris has been working 7pm-7am for the last 10 days and even when he had a couple of days off, he still had to sleep during the day to maintain his body's schedule.  It's been soooo difficult to keep the boys quiet all day while he needs to sleep.  Between being cooped up inside and the excitement of Christmas, they have been nothing short of obnoxious.  Gotta love little boy energy, right? 
In an attempt to keep them quietly occupied, I've been enlisting their help in baking a lot of seasonal goodies.  This morning we made Peanut Butter Balls using this recipe.  I prefer the ones that use graham cracker crumbs to shredded coconut or any other filler. 
As my three elves rolled the balls, we debated whether or not these
should be considered a cookie or a candy.  What do you think?

Unfortunately, I have no "after" pics of the tasty little morsels, but suffice to say they are a HUGE hit.  I remember going to my grandmother's house on Christmas Day as a child and she would have plates of assorted cookies set out to much on;  these peanut butter balls were my absolute favorite!  I have only made them once before in my life YEARS ago for a work party, but am going to try to make them more often now that I know I have such enthusiastic helpers.

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