Monday, December 16, 2013

Homeschooling Group Christmas Party

I took a couple of pictures, but nothing I care to post.  We went to our Homeschool Group's Christmas party this morning.  The boys were cranky about getting dressed and out the door so early (9:30am is early for us these days) but eventually got in the car. On the way there, I gave them all a lecture about how I do this stuff NOT for myself, but for THEIR benefit.  They listened (I think) but didn't say a word.

Our Homeschool Group is FABULOUS!  They had presentations done by some of the kids on Christmas around the world (Japan, Norway, Columbia and Italy) and then the kids all got to make ornaments.  After that, they had a wonderful hot chocolate bar with tons of homemade cookies.  It was so nice! 

Afterwards, the boys got to run and play - the highlight of their morning, for sure! - while I chatted with a fellow homeschool mom with three boys, ages 7, 8 and 9.  It was great to connect with her and we're already talking about activities for the kids in the new year. 

Apparently there are going to be a bunch of free homeschool classes offered started in January:  science, canning and cooking are a few of the subjects.  I'm so excited!

Tomorrow afternoon, I'm taking the boys next door for a class on deer, presented by our neighbor.  He is an avid hunter and self-proclaimed "deer expert" so I told him he needs to talk to the boys.  I've had them jot down a few questions for him and he has lots of props:  deer heads, a ton of antlers and even venison jerky for them to sample.  I'll take some pictures there.

Chris has his schedule for the next couple weeks and it's insane:  lots of 12 hour shifts and almost all of them 7pm-7am.  It's so hard on him to try to sleep during the day when he has to work the midnight shift and it's also hard on me, trying to keep four active boys quiet.  I told Chris I will pray for him and I'm praying for me, too.  Life would be so much easier if he had a regular day schedule, but it's not to be for now.  At least he does have Christmas Day off and we're so excited to spend it together as a family.

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