Saturday, December 14, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday, William

I can hardly believe it's been six years since I sat in this house holding my new baby boy.  Even though I had spent nine months dreaming of a girl, I fell in love with William immediately.  He was the most peaceful baby, totally content to lay on my chest for hours and hours while watching his brothers play.  Those first few days with a newborn are so special and with William perhaps even more so, since those days were spent at home rather than in a hospital.
But as wonderful as he was as a baby, I couldn't have begun to imagine what he'd grow up to be:
My William has the sweetest, most generous heart of just about anyone I know.  Everyone who meets him tells me what a sweet soul he has.  He is on fire for Jesus and has been for a few years now.  He is in Sparks at AWANA this year and has already ripped through over half of his first book, a book that's supposed to last all year.  He already knows all the books of the New Testament in order, which is amazing for a little boy of barely six years old.
He is driven to learn and that makes me think he will be a huge success in life.  He tries to keep up with his older brothers in school, so has jumped onto the two computer programs they use daily: and  If you ask him where Kansas is on a map he can point it out and can also tell you what 6+5 is.  Amazing.
For his birthday we spent Friday at Stonefire Pizza Company and that was fun for all of us.  Our friend, Darcy, stopped by for lunch since she works just down the road.  She adores William - always has - and couldn't miss the chance to see him on his birthday.  The boys all had a really good time.  I just love that we celebrate birthdays as a family and don't spend a bunch of money on toys.  Really, when you have three brothers you don't even need any toys.
But we had to get him a little something...

We screwed up by not getting ANYTHING for Luke for his birthday back in September and thought because he's only four, he wouldn't notice or would forget.  Boy, were we wrong!  Pathetic comments from him here and there over the last couple months guilted us into getting him something and giving it to him yesterday.  They just love playing Superheroes together!
Happy Birthday to my Sweet William!  I love you more than you'll ever know!

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