Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Some last minute Christmas shopping

I was so glad to have most of my Christmas shopping out of the way before Thanksgiving.  Going to Michigan gave me the push I needed to at least buy for the relatives there so I could take the wrapped gifts myself, rather than pay to have them shipped. Gift cards seem so impersonal to me, so I prefer to have a wrapped gift for everyone. 
I think I did pretty well with the custom address stamps I had made for the adults in the family.  My sister and brother opened theirs while I was there so I'm hoping to see them put to use if/when I receive their Christmas cards in the mail.  (Mine already went out - sometimes I amaze myself!)
  Since the big gifts for the boys this year is actually kind of small in size (tablets) I was looking for something to bulk up the presentation for Christmas morning.  I know the boys will absolutely LOVE the tablets and that we probably couldn't have gotten them anything they'd want more, but both Chris and I agree that we like to have a WOW pile for them under the tree in the morning.  We will wrap the tablets in really large boxes he's getting from work, but I needed a little more. 
Enter, the LL Bean Catalog with these little beauties:
They're called Slope Sliders and it was only $24.95 for ALL FOUR of them!  Plus, my catalog came with a $10 off promotional code AND free shipping!  Can't beat that!!!  I read the reviews and people loved that they're so light kids can carry them up the hills by themselves with that handle.  That was all I needed to know!  This might actually be our first year that Chris and I won't have to drag a kid in a sled back up the hill.  We're getting WAY too old for that!
I think both Chris and I are more excited for Christmas this year than the boys are, but that's because we already know how THRILLED they're going to be with what they get. 
Giving is soooo much better than receiving!
Chris is allowing me to go shopping tomorrow afternoon before I have a work appointment and that's when I will pick up William's birthday gift; we're celebrating his birthday on Friday.

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