Tuesday, December 24, 2013

White Christmas

This is our eighth Christmas in Wisconsin and I think only one of them so far hasn't been "white."  Most years, we start building up snow that first week in December and by Christmas we have a few inches.  This year, we had snow starting in mid November and haven't seen much of it melt, so by this past weekend we had about 4 inches on the ground.  But it needed to be freshened up for Christmas and boy, was it!
We watched for the storm all day on Saturday - oh, the excitement around here!  But it really didn't hit until early Sunday morning. When all was said and done, we had about 7" and the boys were thrilled!  Here are some pictures of them enjoying the snow...
Owen, age 10

William, age 6

Sammy, almost 9

Luke, age 4
Luke never was much of a fan of the snow.  Remember this post?
I took Scrabble for a walk and let me tell you, he is not a fan of the snow either.  He sure looked cute in his little coat, though, and I enjoyed the walk. 

More than the snow itself, I love the excuse to stay home.  I've become quite the hermit in the last few months; I don't think I've ventured out in almost a week now.  It's just so nice to hole-up when it's cold and snowy and focus on what I love most.  And that's all right here in this house.
Merry Christmas!

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